Latest social media statistics confirm Aussies’ appetite for online action


The latest social media statistics are now available, painting an interesting picture of how Aussies currently engage with key online platforms.

Twitter has received the most publicity in recent weeks with the launch of the cyber-bullying #stopthetrolls campaign as a result of the Charlotte Dawson being a high profile victim of online bullies, NRL star Robbie Farah joining the call for tougher laws to fight cyber-bullying only to be caught out tweeting offensive comments about Julia Gillard, and Olympic tweets being seen as a contributing factor to the lack of Gold medals amongst our swimming team. Yet despite this, Facebook remains the number one site for Aussies in terms of both Unique Australian Visitors (UAVs) and average time spent per visit.

It currently has 11.5 million users /accounts accessed from various locations – home, work and at school – and users spend over 20 minutes a day perusing their page and those of their friends and family.
To put this into perspective globally, ‘Down Under’ is mere dot on the Facebook landscape. Facebook now has 955 million active users and just over 11 million of them are Australian; that is, 1.51% of Facebook’s total audience is Australian.

YouTube is hot on its heels with 11m UAVs and an average visit time of 20 minutes. The Top 5 is rounded out with Blogspot (4million, down by 10,000), LinkedIn (steady at 2.2million) and Twitter (just over 2million).

The time spent on content-rich sites like YouTube, Blogspot and Tumblr is understandably high, and newer social media platforms like Pinterest are growing steadily – it currently has 620,000 Aussies spending up to 13 minutes per session ‘pinning’ images.

It appears that Aussies are following the global trend when it comes to Google Plus which is 12th in the UAV league table (it remains steady at 600,000). The jury is still out on whether this social media platform will really take off, and there is no data about how long Australians are spending on Plus functionality linked to their Google accounts.

Social media is a dynamic space that evolves constantly, with each platform offering a different way to engage with key audiences. What’s clear is the Aussie appetite for online action is growing, and we’re happy to spend a significant amount of time searching and soaking up all it has to offer. The challenge for marketers is to identify the right spot for campaigns so it truly resonates.

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