Lung cancer network finds its voice

Giving lung cancer a voice at Kirribilli House in Sydney

Giving lung cancer a voice at Kirribilli House in Sydney

Cube was lucky enough to attend a momentous event at Kirribilli House a couple of weeks ago in which lung cancer patients, advocates and clinicians united to call for urgent, higher priority for lung cancer, led by The Australian Lung Foundation.

Since 1956 Kirribilli House has been the official Sydney residence of the Prime Minister. However, when Kevin Rudd came into office, he announced that selected charities would be invited to use Kirribilli House to help them raise funds and awareness for their important work.

Attended by over 130 people, the event recognised some of the extraordinary individuals who have contributed to raising much needed awareness, via personal video stories. One lung cancer survivor spoke of her incredible journey, being diagnosed with lung cancer by chance. The diagnosis came as a huge shock as she had never smoked a cigarette in her life. Her story echoes many others – more than 20 Australians die every day from lung cancer, one in six of whom has never smoked.

What is clear is that survival after a lung cancer diagnosis in this country is far too short and this disease has, until now, been very low on the health agenda. Yet early lung cancer is actually a curable disease.

Thanks to the incredibly strong network of patients and carers, the Lung Foundation has created a powerful, unified voice which is starting to be heard within the community. Hopefully this unforgiving disease will begin to get the recognition it rightly deserves.

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