Is Ho-ho perbole hi-jacking our holiday spirit?


Santa_Clause_obeseThe final countdown to Christmas kicked-off today and as many Aussies brace themselves for puddings and presents, Scrooge has surfaced – demanding a slimmer, trimmer Santa. 

A paper published in the British Medical Journal suggests Santa swap his sled for a bike and ditch the brandy and mince pies for Rudolf’s carrots. Dr Nathan Grills from Monash University has accused Father Christmas of inadvertently endorsing obesity, drink-driving, speeding and a general unhealthy lifestyle. Could the crises of the 21st Century really derail the Claus dynasty?

The weighty issue of obesity has been a hot topic for a number of years, and Government legislation has echoed the concerns of Australia’s healthcare professionals by establishing a National Preventative Health Taskforce to help curb the nation’s expanding waistlines. But, should we be blaming Santa for the 300 million people who are overweight worldwide?

Dr Grills argues that due to his popularity, “Santa needs to affect health by only 0.1 per cent to damage millions of lives”. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Santa hit back, saying he eats plenty of fish, enjoys running and often prefers milk over spirits – commendable role-model behaviour.

As the silly season gets into full swing, many affiliates of the anti-Santa brigade are creeping out of the woodwork. And although we should demonstrate some restraint during this period of indulgence, should Bah Humbugs deny today’s children the delight of finding a half-eaten mince pie on Christmas morning?

Merry Christmas to all!

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The Rum Diaries – Restaurant Review


Fly down Bondi Road of an evening and you would possibly miss the small restaurant on your left hand side, although you would have done a double take when you thought you saw the belongings of someone’s living room on the pavement.

A free standing low lit lamp and rustic table in front of a leather sofa set the scene outside of the Rum Diaries restaurant. Inside is a rustic, cosy and intimate restaurant, easily enjoyable for a table of two or a group party. An amazing wood table greets you as you walk through the tiny doors and the tantalising smells and warmth of the kitchen quickly hit you.

A thick oak wooden bar with more rum-based cocktails than you can shake a… well, shake a cocktail shaker at, quite frankly lies in wait as your first tipple. The decor includes candles in which the wax has beautifully created its own form of art, nestled amongst antique mirrors and furniture.

Head chef Daniel Brown has created a unique fusion tapas menu ranging from Rump of Lamb with Lentil Mash to Chilean Pil Pil and being tapas, you get to experience a little bit of everything.

The bill can easily go over $100 for two plus drinks, but completely necessary to get the full dining experience that goes with it.

Disappointingly they only have two sittings, 6.30pm and 8.30pm, which isn’t that accommodating – I’m not sure what happened to the days where you could book a table without having to get a little tipsy waiting at the bar beforehand – but rest assured, with the selection of rums you need to go through, the cheese plate or bread dips and olives are an excellent place to start.

To book your reservation, telephone 02 9300 0440. Address:  288 Bondi Road, Bondi.

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